August 29, 2012

The Wedding, Part 2

If you suspect that my grainy iPhone photos might not do justice to my sister's wedding, you're right. They don't. But the photographer's pictures do!

One of the fun elements of KK's wedding was knowing the photographer from our days as English majors at Grove City. Emily and her husband Jake took gorgeous photos, and Emily's synopsis of the wedding is spot on.

See Emily's take on the big day here.

August 22, 2012

The Wedding

One of the best parenting decisions my parents ever made was when they decided that, despite the fact that they had two daughters who were close in age and not exactly enough bedrooms for all of the kids and a darling set of bunk beds, my sister and I did NOT need to share a room. Because every second we spent sharing a room was a second spent in a warzone. 

The older I get, the more I see that in many ways my sister and I are as different as two people can be while still coming from the same two parents. She likes people and can have a conversation with anyone while I dislike small talk. She played volleyball all the way through college and even won the college division championship while I gave up volleyball in 10th grade to devote more attention to... marching band. I got a degree in English while Katherine probably hasn't cracked a book since college. She's a nurse; I'm a writer. She tans beautifully. I don't. 


But our differences mattered so very little Friday night when KK, arrayed in white (and pink), pledged to be a loving and faithful wife to Craig. What mattered at that moment was seeing so many prayers answered and so many hopes fulfilled. What mattered was her being surrounded by friends and family and celebrating the Lord bringing together two people who are different, yet work together beautifully. Three people, actually. For now in Craig, little Avery has his father. 

The whole wedding weekend was busy, eventful, exhausting, emotional, and fun. It was a delight to introduce Shields Lee and Levi to special friends we have known at different seasons of life. And those boys were simply amazing with all we asked of them. Lindon officiated his very first wedding, too. As I continue to reflect (and marvel at the fact that my own wedding was nearly eight years ago!), I am just so thankful for God's goodness and faithfulness in the life of my family. 


And this little guy? He looked darling in his seer sucker suit! Really, he looks darling in anything, but this suit was too cute. And he matched cousin Avery. He kept calling it his "swim suit."

August 8, 2012

Olympic Junkie

[Prologue: I found this blog post when reviewing my unpublished drafts. I wrote this two and a half years ago, but these sentiments are just as true now as they were then...except instead of ice skating, Lindon now watches beach volleyball and gymnastics with only a minor hint of disinterest. And those commercials! Between P&G's "Proud supporter of moms" campaign and GE's commercial about donating incubators for premature babies, the emotions don't let up when the athletics calm down. I am definitely an Olympic junkie. As Visa keeps telling me, Go World!]

For the past two months the following exchange has occurred countless times at my house:

[Commercial for the Olympics appears on NBC]

Me: I cannot wait for the Olympics.

Lindon: Oh really. Do you like the Olympics?

M: I LOVE the - oh, I say this a lot don't I?

L: Yes.

M: Sorry! I just really like the Olympics.

L: I know.

M: I don't really say it that much, do I?

L: Yes.

M: Shoot. Sorry. I'll try to not repeat myself so much... I just really like the Olympics!

My enthusiasm for the Olympics is no secret. I remember watching the 1992 Olympics and wanting so badly to be a gymnast like Kim Zmeskal or Shannon Miller. Unfortunately, by age 8 I had already surpassed the ideal height for Olympic gymnasts. Bummer.

Despite my all-around lack of athleticism, I love the sportsmanship of the Olympics. The warm fuzzies of the world being united by athletic competition for two weeks every two years suck me in and keep me transfixed. Watching makes me feel a connection to people all over the world. The athletes' stories are compelling to me, and it is so exciting to watch talented people achieve their lifelong dreams. And thanks to my hungry baby, I have had more opportunities to watch the world compete this time than during previous competitions. So nearly every night I have watched a portion of the games. It's been awesome! 

Not surprisingly, my better half does not share my intense, repetitive enthusiasm for the Games of the Olympiad. He claims to not really care, even goes so far as to say they are not really that interesting! And yet he watches with me without putting up much fight. Any objections he might raise at first seem to disappear the moment the athletes begin to do their thing. In fact, he has begun to say things like, "Ok, I have to keep watching to see Apollo Ohno," or "I want to watch Shaun White!" Though he refuses to tolerate a qualifying race, he will watch nearly anything when a medal is on the line (even figure skating!). While desperately trying to maintain his facade of apathy, Lindon is slowly converting to an Olympic enthusiast.