January 15, 2010

The Story of Two Megans

Once upon a time where were two Megans who lives next door to each other. Aside from sharing the same first name, they were both married to men who attended Covenant Seminary. You could say they were/are aspiring pastor's wives, but I am pretty sure neither of them would agree with that assessment.

One was kind of nerdy and had a rather dull blog about funny (not really) things her bosses said at work and life with a 2-month-old (albeit the greatest 2-month-old ever). The other Megan was super chic and creative and had a blog about design and redecorating.

One of those Megans writes this blog.

The other writes this blog. Enjoy!

If you felt like it was excessive to read more than one blog penned by someone named "Megan," I would totally understand if you chose her blog to read.

January 13, 2010

Happy, happy baby

If there is one thing Levi loves to do (besides eat and sleep), it's smile. His big grins make my heart so happy. Last Saturday he was particularly chatty after breakfast, so I snapped some photos of my little chatterbox. 

January 7, 2010

Our Walk

On New Years' Eve I awoke in East Brady, PA, to find everything blanketed snow. I went on a walk with Lindon and Nash while Lindon's parents watched Levi. We photographed the gorgeous landscape - especially the snowy hillsides reflected in the Allegheny River - threw snowballs for Nash, and enjoyed being together with no real plans or obligations. We talked about how life would change when we came home and reflected on our 2 weeks in Pennsylvania. In all, it was a great walk.

5 years earlier we had spent New Years' Eve embarking on a different kind of walk - down an aisle. There was no snow on the ground that day (it was in the 50's and cloudy), but my white dress was breathtaking...for me, at least. We have plenty of photographs from that day, too, and lots of wonderful memories.

Dreaming about the future is not something I do frequently. That's just as well because I am quite confident that I never could have imagined how amazing the last 5 years have been. I struggle to think of ways to describe my 5 years of marriage running into tired cliches. Yes, my husband is the love of my life. Yes, he's my best friend and my prince charming. But all those statements seem insufficient to describe how much I appreciate Lindon.

The best way I can think to describe it is to say that I shine brighter and more fully because Lindon is in my life. He stretches me, challenges me, encourages me, and celebrates me in ways that make me more radiant. The picture below is one of my absolute favorite photos from the wedding. It was taken right when we walked into the reception. I love that the people in the background are standing and cheering, the gorgeous bouquet in my hand, and the excited smile on Lindon's face. And that huge, radiant smile gracing my face is directly related to the hand holding mine.

He helps me be the Fearless Fowler, and it's exciting to think where our walk will take us next.

January 4, 2010

Coming Soon

So it's been over a month since my last post...a month! While it's shameful how I have neglected this blog, the good news is my hiatus has provided me with lots of new blogging material. In the coming days (probably more days than I think it will take), you can look for posts on the following riveting subjects:

 - Our time with our families over the holidays
 - A reflection on 2009 and the 2000's!
 - Thoughts on my now-5 years of marriage
 - An update on life as a mom (I am practically a pro at this now)
 - And of course...update photos of Levi!

Until then, here's a beautiful face that always make me smile: